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Work from Naxos as a Digital Nomad!

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Digital Nomad ? Work from Naxos!

Are you working remotely and looking for a change ? Naxos island has exciting news! Visit Naxos, work remotely and benefit from the island lifestyle in an exciting environment.

Naxos street old town

Increase your productivity

Greece wants you!

Need a better work-life balance? Come to Naxos and live in paradise while increasing your productivity and achieving a better work-life balance.

Digital nomad Visa introducing by Greece - 50% tax cut for 7 years

50% tax cut for 7 years

Digital Nomad Visa

Greece is introducing a new Visa allowing internationals engaged in remote jobs to work from Greece and take advantage of a 50% tax cut for the first 7 years!

Group of friends enjoying Naxos beaches after remote work

Open to all EU Citizens

Not only for tech people

Benefit from Greece being an active member of the European Union and join the island now, even if you are not specialised in tech!

Work from Naxos Island, Greece.

Benefit from attractive perks and get help from the international community in Naxos.

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